Choose the vacation home of your dreams!

Select a vacation home where your dreams come true and the memories last forever.

Our commitment to safe and clean vacation homes!

The safety and health of our guests and team members are our highest priority. That is why we have created a set of work rules, to ensure our American Star vacation homes meet the latest hygiene and cleanliness guidelines set by the Vacation Rental Management Association and Vacation Rental Housekeeping Professionals.

Our properties always include:


Professional cleaning


We have a professional staff prepared to take care of the properties’ maintenance and guarantee that the cleaning is always up to date!

5-Star Customer Service


Our priority is making the guest feel at home! For that, we deliver a five-star customer service from the first conversation until after the check-out!

Beautiful Houses!



American Star’s houses fill the eyes at first sight! They are well-equipped houses, clean, with incredible decor and much comfort for the guests!

Self Check-in


We guarantee modernity and technology with self check-in in our properties! We ensure safety with intelligent and electronic locks!

Complete kitchen!


Complete kitchen with domestic utensils necessary for a comfortable stay for the whole family!


Online Support Chat


Our team is ready for online guest support with a high rate of response! Feel free to send in your questions. Also, we are ready to attend to the guests in a trilingual way!